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 USB night light
1. Rated power: about 1W
2. Rated voltage: 5V
3. Product weight: 7g/Pcs
4. Light color: warm light/white light
5. Size: 3cm*2.5cm

Long-life LED
Energy efficient LED light means you don't need to worry about replacing a burnt out bulb. The light source stays cool to the touch and is made to last.

Compact Size
Blends in well with existing decor.
Protecting Babies and Mothers
Suitable brightness, feeding, watching baby.

Sweet dreams at ease
One day baby starts sleeping on her own!

Carefully for parents
Parents grow older and worry about stumbling over obstacles at night? Night light guards dear family!

★ Ideal Lighting
Bright enough to see where you're going in the dark without turning on other lights, but not so bright as to blind you.

Widely Applicable
Ideal for bedroom, kids room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, stairs and anywhere you need a guiding light